Subbed Jinnai Tomonori Video Collection

Hello, this is a collection of videos with Jinnai Tomonori, an awesome comedian. Enjoy.

Reuploaded all of my vids to Mediafire. Come and get it!!! ... d91ou2m4gn

List Continued:


Car Navi:

Pet Shop:

Cooking Navigator:

Doko Demo:

English Lesson:

Wireless Radio:

Driving Lesson:

Funny Bowling:

Crane Game:

I think thats about it on Youtube. Please remember to turn on the subtitle function at the bottom right of the window for some of these videos. Enjoy.

If anyone finds any more videos of him please post them here.

thank you so much for sharing!
i’ll enjoy it for sure ~

No prob. Im glad you liked the videos. By the way, in Japan they get Korean dramas, is it the opposite in Seoul? Do you guys get Japanese programs?

thank you anyways^^
you mean, in stores ? or on TV ?

On the tv.

no, i dont think so, because i never saw one :confused:

Ahhh. Thanks for answering.

u’re welcome ^^

hahaha! he is helarious !
the korean lesson made me rofl <3

Here’s a new skit that was just released. Another parrot related scene. Enjoy.

Pet Ban

hey~ thanx for the videos~ =)
i know this guy look familiar~ then i realize he was in newspaper agent batsu game~ hehehe~ he is genius~ :D

Yep, he’s the guy who complains about another comedian using his gas to roast his glasses. Glad you enjoyed the clips.

haha. I like this man’s skit :clap:
i have watch most of it from youtube.
can u join all of the skit in 1 zip/rar file and upload it? it’s easier to download.
thanks again :)

Here’s a few new ones found by Mi-Chan, enjoy.


Earth Warrior Jindam



Crystal Ball

School Song



Memories Part 1

Memories Part 2

There’s a lot more than that Spike-kun :slight_smile:

I absolutely love Jinnai and his skits! Can anyone find anymore? I think most of the ones on youtube are already up on here. ><

is that jinnai speaking at 0:02?


Can someone please upload all of this to megaupload? :(