[Subbed] Making a band

Done with both parts now! Enjoy! :)
Sorry about the quality… couldn’t find a better one.

part 1
part 2

Also, I’m not 100% sure what "Misa" means…
Only found this about it [url:1bf8udh8]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_%28music%29[/url:1bf8udh8]

Just figured it was something religious where they wanted some "followers" or something like that so I just called it "Almighty" since that would be easiest to understand… I’m not even sure if the rest of the gaki crew know what it means… Hamada explains what he means with it in part 2.

zank you very much!

This is really hilarious. Thanks for the translation!

Yeah, I’ve been looking for this subbes for ages. It was one of the first Gaki vids I ever watched. Thanks for this. =D

Hamada actually does a pretty good job in that role. its awesome when he’s lip syncing. hahaha

The second and last part is now up too :D

That was aesome, thanks a bunch. You did a great job. =]

Thanks for the videos, that role of Demon Kogure was definitely made for Hamada lol. Also I love how Endo ends up to really look like a real metal band member at the end, maybe he’s the only one with Hamada since the other 3 are more funny to look at than frightening. XD

many thanks outlaws!!!


This is what episode ? The number of the program ?
For I can find the original video (RAW), without the subtitles.

Thank you to you to help me.
And thank you in advance ;) :bow:

Good day.

Edit : It’s Ok. I found the original video on Youtube.