[subbed] Matsumoto, Gorilla and old man


“Youtubelike triangle-subbed”

[quote:3uhq22lb][i:3uhq22lb]Originally posted by alfred_49[/i:3uhq22lb]

“Youtubelike triangle-subbed”[/quote:3uhq22lb]

Really confusing story :D

Pretty funny talk. I love Downtown manzai, however sometimes they’re hard to sub 'cos Downtown uses a lot of slang phrases…

oh man so funny- though I had to pause it sometimes to read whats going on.
Confusing but funny xD :clap:

on Megaupload (zipped with the subs) :


hahahahahahahah I had to pause it time and time and time again cos I was in tears :lol:

I love Matsumoto’s sense of humor!!
I wish someone in my life would have that kinda humor so we can laugh together instead of me being strangely looked at :D