[subbed] Matsumoto - O.K. for me

I think its a scene from Lincoln and a birthday tribute to Matsumoto:


Queit old, but still awesome!! I still would like to see the whole episode subbed =D

haha awsome :D
Have just started to like Lincoln and really wishing that someone will sub one or two episodes

…why is matsumoto’s cheek all red? :blink:

Matsumoto’s expression doesn’t change in this whole clip, aside from the occasional nervous laugh. Love the full clip of his birthday, I wish it were subbed.
He really sweats a lot when he’s nervous huh? XD
Good find!! (Hope it doesn’t get deleted D:< )

to Snyblind,

its because if watch the whole episode, this woman comes out and kisses him. You don’t have to thank me by the way… thank Bruce Lee.

hahaha love this clip, thanks for sharing.