(subbed) Yamazaki vs Jimmy

Hey guys,
Not sure if this is in the right area, but here it is. Downtown looking back at the battles between Yamazaki and Jimmy. Sorry for the subs, there maybe mistakes. Enjoy!


Good job, zurui!
This episode is such a classic.

[quote="ShibataBread":34w0tj4x]Good job, zurui!
This episode is such a classic.[/quote:34w0tj4x]
Thanks Shibata!
I’m just trying to get used to using colors and different type settings. Learning by making mistakes :P

yamazaki kicking his own car. epic!

HOI! Thx for your hard work.

btw this is Zurui’s page, where we can dl his work:


Thanks! ;)
Isnt there any more than those 3:50 minutes?

OMG Zurui, you just keep on subbin…YOUR MY GOD!!!