Subtitled Download Batch

If I wanted to take what I’ve found on this site and make a topic with the video and subtitles, credits included of course; could I? Where would I put it?

Video; Downtown Gaki no Tsukai Onsen 2 Batsu
Download includes;
Subtitle File.
Read Me - Containing Credits.
Credits announced once again for subtitles, original uploader, etc.

I would reupload the files in a .rar format.

It just seems hard at times to find a bunch of videos at once and it’s taking me a few days to find which movie file goes with which subtitle file.

I would more than likely try and keep it updated with any future combos I find.

So; allowed?


First, thanks for your interest.

If I understood you well, you want to make one single .rar file including the video along with it sub file?

If that’s it, I’m not sure if Erhan (the admin) is okay, since we could have copyright infringement problems. Thanks to the system we use now, it is easy for him to disable the “Video” category and keep the subtitle one, making the site all legal (for a short period of time of course ^^)

Might be better to address him a PM in my opinion.


My concern is how hard it is to track down video files and their combo’d subtitle file. Sometimes it’s easy but there are many video files of the same video and the subtitle only works with one video.
I just would like to make or request if you guys would rather do it of all the videos with subtitles attached for easy find.
I’d use a wikipedia page, or something similar, for reference to help make a complete list of available and not available.
I would keep it updated with each combo found here.

Making it easy for new users, maybe even existing, to find and download what they want quickly with minimal searching.

Basically; a topic with a “All Subbed Shows Here” topic. Probably wouldn’t use that name. XD

Here’s a better written example;

[b:24dd08ee]No-Reaction Pie Hell[/b:24dd08ee] [color=deeppink:24dd08ee][b:24dd08ee]AVAILABLE[/b:24dd08ee][/color:24dd08ee]
Description; Quick summary.
Subtitles; Soft

[b:24dd08ee]No-Laughing High School[/b:24dd08ee] [color=silver:24dd08ee][b:24dd08ee]UNAVAILABLE[/b:24dd08ee][/color:24dd08ee]
Description; Quick summary.

[b:24dd08ee]No-Laughing Police Stationl[/b:24dd08ee] [color=deeppink:24dd08ee][b:24dd08ee]AVAILABLE[/b:24dd08ee][/color:24dd08ee]
Description; Quick summary.
Subtitles; Soft

I would reupload each combo.

The download would be from Megaupload; other sources if requested for more, and if I could manage to upload them for free.

The download would be a .rar file with the following;
Subtitle File. - If Soft subs.
Read Me - Containing credits once more.

I personally find your idea useful. We might even create some kind of bar under the “Profil Msg Box Chat …” bar with a selectable list of videos, as you said in your example.

We’ll see what Erhan says.

I’m glad you understand what I mean.
I’m new myself and it’s taking me a good deal of time and effort to get what I can. I’ve had to re-download and delete a bunch of files already that were the wrong ones, were duplicates, or didn’t have compatible files.
I’m sure many would like something like this to be available for fast having.

I hope it’s alright with Erhan! ;3