Subtitling Software

[url=]Jquicktrans[/url:156423y5] :: outdated but convenient shareware Japanese dictionary program. (9.93MB)
[url=]JWPce[/url:156423y5] :: useful freeware Japanese word processor created at UCLA. (6.32MB)
[url=]JWPce + EDICT[/url:156423y5] :: JWPce, with many additional dictionaries installed. (25.8MB)
[url=]EDICT[/url:156423y5] :: Assorted Collection of Japanese dictionary files for JWPce, by Jim Breen at Monash University. (22.1MB)

[url=]Metapad[/url:156423y5] :: multi-feature replacement for Notepad. (39kb)
[url=]WinMerge[/url:156423y5] :: text file comparison program - find out where both files differ (5.73MB)

[url=]Jubler 3.90[/url:156423y5] :: Java-based subtitling program for Mac OSX and Linux. Requires Java Runtime (JRE) (2.2MB)
[url=]AegiSub 2.10[/url:156423y5] :: Unicode general-purpose subtitling tool. Has advanced timing, typsetting and editing features. (19.88MB)
[url=]Sabbu 0.3.0[/url:156423y5] :: timing program by Kryptolus. Supports more audio/script formats. Relies on GTK 2.6.9 (also included) (7.42MB)
[url=]Sabbu 0.3.1b9[/url:156423y5] :: Most stable recent version of Sabbu. Install over existing 0.3.0 install to upgrade. (0.75MB)
[url=]Medusa[/url:156423y5] :: Aegisub’s predecessor, with revolutionary karaoke timing features. (1.22MB)
[url=]Sub Station Alpha 4.08[/url:156423y5] :: The original stable PC subtitling program by Kotus; A must for any fansubber. (5.2MB)


[url=]ASScalc[/url:156423y5] :: Complex karaoke effects generator developed by Tentacle. Additional .txt file coding required by user. (436kb)
[url=]ASSdraw v2.0[/url:156423y5] :: Create custom shapes in SSA by generating draw commands. Written in Java by Ai-chan. (408kb)
[url=]ColorMania[/url:156423y5] :: eyedropper tool – captures exact RGB/Hex values of colors on screen. (536Kb)
[url=]Crumja’s Gradient Maker[/url:156423y5] :: command-based program for generating subtitles with color gradients. (52kb)
[url=]Crumja’s Karaoke Helper[/url:156423y5] :: command-based program to produce simple karaoke effects. (55kb)
[url=]Kara Converter[/url:156423y5] :: Small utility to code-strip Dialogue timecodes from .ASS files for Crumja’s Karaoke Helper. (12kb)
[url=]OverLUA 0.7 alpha[/url:156423y5] :: Independent LUA-based karaoke/typesetting tool by jfs. Must be loaded in Avisynth as a DLL plugin.(238kb)
[url=]The Font Thing[/url:156423y5] :: freeware font viewer/organizer used to select typesetting fonts. (1.1MB)
[url=]Font Glancer 1.20[/url:156423y5] :: another freeware font viewer to preview fonts already installed on your operating system. (450kb)
[url=]SSATool 4.3.5[/url:156423y5] :: RaistlinMajere’s famous karaoke effects generator. Part of a karaoker’s balanced breakfast. (124kb)


[url=]Avisynth 2.56[/url:156423y5] :: lossless video editing frameserver for VirtualDub. (3.01MB)
[url=]DivxDRF Analyzer[/url:156423y5] :: analyzes quality of DivX video by determining amount of compression in AVI frames. (138kb)
[url=]HuffyUV 2.1.1[/url:156423y5] :: free lossless video codec for Windows. Creates large files for manipulation. (15kb)
[url=]Lagarith 1.317[/url:156423y5] :: another lossless video codec for Windows. Yields smaller files than HuffyUV, albeit a bit slower. (71kb).
[url=]Lame MP3 Codec v3.96[/url:156423y5] :: An old but stable MP3 codec with all features, popular among encoders. (574kb)
[url=]meGUI 0.3[/url:156423y5] :: All-in-one GUI to encode AVI/MP4/MKV with different audio/video formats. Requires Internet connection to install. (954kb)
[url=]MKVtoolnix 2.20[/url:156423y5] :: Software pack by Matroska to extract & create the .MKV container format. (3.19MB)
[url=]VirtualDub 1.8.5[/url:156423y5] :: The original video capture/editing program by Avery Lee. A mainstay in fansub encoder tools. (2.72MB)
[url=]Xvid 1.1.0[/url:156423y5] :: Koepi’s last known stable version of the Xvid Codec. (603kb)
[url=]x264 codec[/url:156423y5] :: A variant of H.264 AVC codec used in fansubs. Requires decoders from [url:156423y5][/url:156423y5]
[url=]MarcFD’s VBLE codec[/url:156423y5] :: Based on HuffyUV, a codec that outputs smaller lossless video files than HuffyUV using YV12 colorspace. (99kb)
[url=]YATTA 6-128[/url:156423y5] :: Yet Another Telecide Tool for Anime, used for Inverse Telescine (IVTC) work. (790kb)

Found @ [url=]SubWiki[/url:156423y5]

Thanks for sharing.

For beginners, I advice [url=]Media Subtitle[/url:3lrpvlrw]. You can find tutorials about how using it, on Youtube ;)

Can someone teach me how to change the position and font size of the text in a subtitle?
The recent spy batsu file, i have finished with the timing but the font size is too big that it become missing when i play the video,
if anyone can try to modify the font size please do it thnks, as there is a lot of fans out there is looking for the HD version, if not please let me know any software for font size modification thnks :angel:

All files are Down :(

[quote="RafaMX":3v1bwupg]All files are Down :([/quote:3v1bwupg]
Well, you have all the name references. Try to search it and add "download" at the end.
If you’re looking for advice about any particular software, please let us know.

Also to be honest, all the files listed above would be out of date by years, best to just find the authentic website for each software your interested in downloading and then starting from there.

What do you think is the best Software for merging Video + Subs?
I´m pissed off by that shitty stuff, I also pay for…nothing!
If the Subs work, the adio is not sync anymore… RAAAAGE

[quote="[HCD] Velcra":u09tc4vl]What do you think is the best Software for merging Video + Subs?
I´m pissed off by that shitty stuff, I also pay for…nothing!
If the Subs work, the adio is not sync anymore… RAAAAGE[/quote:u09tc4vl]

I use AviDemux (free software). Here’s the process:

  • Run AviDemux
  • Drag and drop the video source into the AviDemux window
  • Using the settings on the left, change Video Output from Copy to whatever codec you want (x264 is what I use). Then click the Filters button.
  • Click on Subtitles then double-click on SSA. Open the subtitle file and click OK.
  • Close the Filters menu.
  • Audio I just keep as "Copy" (because it’s not required to re-encode the audio for adding subs) but you can change to MP3 etc.
  • Output Format I usually set to MP4 Muxer but you can play around with it.
  • Click the Save Video button (top icons)

I haven’t encountered any problems but then I only do very short few minute subs. Best of luck.

Thanks for your help soudou
Can´t use that, because some of the Colors are shown wrong. Already with the english Subs of GNT

EDIT: With the new Version it seems working so far. I´ll give it a try thx

For adding options i take this guide: