Suggestion that Needs to be Enacted... (In My Oppinion at Le

A while ago, when we were all back on tehparadox, I was creating a tag sub similar to how homeless Brian created his. However I pre-planned while making mine and actually came in contact with a current youtube gaki subber. I mailed him on youtube and asked if he could fill the the empty spots when I’m done. He agreed, but I only got 52 minutes of the sub done and we eventually fell out of contact.

The point of this story is that I believe that if someone from this site, mainly an authority figure, goes and tries to find who’s subbing these videos on youtube and other sites, they could kindly try to recruit them to this site.

Eventually when enough actual subbers are attracted to this site I believe that all the subbers associated with could come together and sub as one.

It is an Idea, and I have not heard of anyone contacting any of the frequent youtube subbers. Below are youtube users that do, or have subbed videos for gaki.

[b:eczuxwy7]Outlaws[/b:eczuxwy7] - The man who agreed to fill in the blanks for me for the tag batsu, but I fell through with my half of the deal… sorry outlaws.


[b:eczuxwy7]BlackGaki[/b:eczuxwy7] - Has a website similar to shibatabread’s website, however he seems to enjoy using the you tube subbing software and not an outer kind, but he is very talented.


[b:eczuxwy7]Mikey4life[/b:eczuxwy7] - Sadly mikey recently got all of his videos deleted from youtube, he does not sub videos, but he has a mass amount of videos that he uploaded to youtube at one time, he’s quitting youtube but if someone was to quickly come in contact with him and bring him here I think he would be pleasantly suprised.


Sadly many of my other sources got there accounts suspended, these are three strong sources for now though, I strongly encourage an authority figure of this website to come in contact and recruit these three. I will look for more and update this thread if I find anyone of interest.

The faster we recruit them the better, gaki videos on youtube are a dying breed and if people keep getting suspended and not finding this site, then we are all missing out on great subbers as well as videos.