Summer Games 2000- Downtown vs. Morning Musume

I didn’t see a thread for the 2000 games.

A search of Veoh (and Google) only turned up 5 of 7 parts for these games. All of them are unsubbed.

[url=]Part 1 of 7[/url:2xkmrjdd] (Introductions, 1st voleyball set complete)

[url=]Part 3[/url:2xkmrjdd] (3rd volleyball set begins)

[url=]Part 4[/url:2xkmrjdd] (3rd volleyball set concludes, tug-of-war complete)

[url=]Part 5[/url:2xkmrjdd] (Strike-Cover-Jenken begins)

[url=]Part 6[/url:2xkmrjdd] (Strike-Cover-Jenken concludes, Shooting Gallery complete)

the coach with the pony tails is soooooo lovely! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Is there any download file with megaupload

oh no I can’t access veoh from my country… is there another link from youtube or just the file at megaupload/mediafire/etc…?


Here’s the completed episode in one piece. Enjoy.

For me, they were only good when Two Tops and Yaguichi were there. They were funny as hell.

man ive got this somewhere, but cant find it T_T haha. was a funy show though.

Thanks for the links ]:)

is there any subbed files?

[quote="Ezoghoul":3kgpsk86]the coach with the pony tails is soooooo lovely! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:[/quote:3kgpsk86]

looking back at my comment one year ago… back when i was unaware of the existence of the awesomeness that Nakazawa is. silly Ezo…

Is the megaupload subbed?

I’ve seen MM on a show with DT a few times before. I just realised it was Heyx3. I’d like to see more episodes of this show where the guys play games with the guests. Is there an index somewhere which summaries the content of each episode?