Summers (さまぁ~ず)

I have seen episodes of Summers (Otake and Mimura) duo’s shows on Youtube. SummerXSummer, HoriSummers and some more. So I’m asking if someone have the shows in their HD and if they would like to share. This duo and their shows are pretty interesting, even if most of the time you don’t know what’s going on. Some are already taken down which is pretty disappointing (well that’s YT…), so please re-upload. Or share a link on where we could get them~
Really looking forward to this~~ ^_^

I found a few episodes on chinaese site here [url:3vg0ngbp][/url:3vg0ngbp]

Oh! This is most likely the new show. Nice find. Thank you very much!

Edit: This website that you gave is awesome! I also found some Lincoln in here. Hope I found the remaining karaoke competition ^_^