Super Sentai Costume Change

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Downtown Duo, Yamasaki, Cocorico, and two other guys dressing up as Super Sentai or Power Rangers
they have to get all seven colors ([color=red:2rn7a0yj]Red[/color:2rn7a0yj], [color=blue:2rn7a0yj]Blue[/color:2rn7a0yj], [color=orange:2rn7a0yj]Yellow[/color:2rn7a0yj], [color=green:2rn7a0yj]Green[/color:2rn7a0yj], [color=deeppink:2rn7a0yj]Pink[/color:2rn7a0yj], [color=silver:2rn7a0yj]White[/color:2rn7a0yj], and Black) to be safe

[b:2rn7a0yj]Part 1:[/b:2rn7a0yj]
Part 2: [/b:2rn7a0yj]

[b:2rn7a0yj]Part 3:[/b:2rn7a0yj]

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The setup can be kinda confusing, but yeah, this is posted under the title “The Nanarenjai Game” in the “Five Rangers Game” subforum [url=]here[/url:3je62bn9].