Survey about Japanese Comedy!

Hi guys!
I’ve been studying Japanese Language and culture at my university, and I am making my B.A thesis now, which is about Japanese Comedy.
To help me I’ve made a survey to ask people about their interest in Japanese comedy.
I’ve made one for Japanese people and Foreign people.

If you guys would be so nice to answer it I would love you forever!!!

This is the survey for foreign people (Not Japanese people at least xD)

Hope to get some answers ^^

Done. I hope it helps and give you a good answer :bow:

Done also. Good luck. :)

Done. (i’m the "weird japanese slapstick" guy ^^)

Done also. Good luck with that.

Done, i hope you get some interesting results :)

done :)

And… Done. Good luck.

Done, also I kinda wanna see how your paper turns out

I do, too! Also, done.

[quote="kekkei-genkai":bd8g1vgg]Done, also I kinda wanna see how your paper turns out[/quote:bd8g1vgg]
True, if it won’t compromise your thesis, I’d also like to see the results.

Done! Good luck! ;)

Done, mate :)

I did it too, a little late, sorry about it.