Susunu! Denpa Shonen (where ??)

hi, I’ve been looking for that show and I haven’t found any place were I can download it’s old 90’s episodes and it’s early 2009 / 2010 episodes…

Does anyone know wer I can found it?

here is some info about this awsome funny reality show

Found this user [url:177os62t][/url:177os62t]
I’m pretty sure it’s from that show - or it could also be from Raiha Shounen which is a kind of sister program to Denpa Shounen

thanks a lot for sharing ,

the oldest episode of denpa shonen are very hard to find !

i’ve seen there was the “Denpa Shonen teki Kensho Seikatsu” with Nasubi episode with subtitles on hulu , but no longer available

here, a denpa shonen with yamasaki hosei in peru

part 1 [url:2zfwxny4][/url:2zfwxny4]

part 2 [url:2zfwxny4][/url:2zfwxny4]

i’m not sure but ,i’ve seen yamasaki made 4 denpa shows

see you

thanks pychtor ! do you guys know any lihnks for Very well known [u:3narag1s][b:3narag1s]JAPANESE [/b:3narag1s][/u:3narag1s]torrent sites or sofwares ?? maybe it can help find more tv shows !

I’m sure the japanese always upload their favorite tvshows on the web we just got to find where !

ohh i never seen the youtube link video before. i didnt know yama went to peru where i was born there hehe yay!

hi hi !

no entire video of the show yet ,but i continue to search them

just this for the moment … found.html

they say they have the first couple episodes

to be continued…

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yo yo yo !

another playlist with episodes , i think it’s Raiha Shounen but i’m not sure ,tell me if you know