Takikomi Gohan #1

Gaki #667 2003.07.20
Takikomi Gohan #1


The very first “Cooking Episode”.


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Very funny. I’ve always enjoyed the Absolutely Tasty Series especially when the food turns out really bad.

Yeah, I want to help the site more, even with my 1.5 year of college Japanese.

So I translated the ingredients and the scores. It’s the least I can do. I would like to do more, but i don’t know how to actually sub.

-Tanaka #1 – Beer, soybeans (edamame) (8/10)
-Tanaka #2 – Coffee beans, water (3/10)

-Endo #1 – Curry flavored senbei (rice crackers), apple, honey (*thx, Infimum!), water (2/10)
-Endo #2 – various salad veggies, and dressing (4/10)

-Yamazaki #1 – Cheese-flavored chips (Kaaru corn chips) and water (4/10)
-Yamazaki #2 – Nata de Coco (Filipino dessert, it’s coconut jelly. Not a big fan.), bananas, and drinkable yogurt. (1/10)

-Hamada #1 – Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake dish filled with lots of stuff), okonomiyaki sauce, aonori (grilled seaweed flakes that goes on okonomiyaki), katsuo (dried bonito) flakes, mayonnaise, and water (8/10)
-Hamada #2 – tea bags, lemon slices, sugar cubes (**thx, Vylen!), and water (4/10)

-Matsumoto #1 – ramen (1 pkg of Nissin Demae Itcho ramen), egg, water (4/10)
-Matsumoto #2 – strawberry cake,water (0/10)[/spoiler]

Edited with your inputs. Thanks a lot, and i’ll get to the other eps too.

[quote:j33dsu9a][i:j33dsu9a]Originally posted by MinorInfection[/i:j33dsu9a]
-Hamada #2 – tea bags, lemon slices, small square blocks of something (can’t read kanji clearly, help me out here.), and water (4/10)[/quote:j33dsu9a]

i was able to look it up in a kanji dictionary thingy on my nintendo DS
the second kanji was easy to write in, second one i sorta scribbled… forunately the third i didnt need to write in cause the dictionary had it first result

got lucky as i usually have a hard time getting it to recognise the kanji i want - usually cause i often get the strokes wrong :P

anyway, its sugar cubes :P

if you’re interested in the DS “game” it’s called “Kanji Sonomama DS Rakubiki Jiten”

Sorry, I have to point this out.

[quote:3som80ej][i:3som80ej]Originally posted by MinorInfection[/i:3som80ej]
hachimitsu (roughly translated to “eight secrets,” probably different curry spices and ingredients, as Endo’s making curry rice.)[/quote:3som80ej]
It’s honey. “Hachi” also means “bee” in Japanese.

Lmao at Hamada’s Independent shirt. (American [California] Skateboard company)

aaaahh i haven’t watch this one.
could someone reupload this episode?
the link is dead

Thanks to DownTown Fansubs, we can enjoy this subbed version of Absolutely Tasty Rice edition!!

Here’s the page on [url=http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_86049.htm:ci5dctid]D-addicts[/url:ci5dctid], or for those who prefer it [url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2MOQRVI2:ci5dctid]Megaupload[/url:ci5dctid].

Thanks DTFS!!!


Yay! :clap: Thank you soo much! :)

is there any new version of a RAW download link for the Takikomi Gohan episode?

ill look, but i doubt it

I still have both RAWs, I’ll upload it to MU later when someone else doesnt. :)

That would be great =) Thanks!

Actually the other thread still has both the MU links, should’ve looked harder. :)





is this the raw thats overexposed (too bright)?

Oh - I’m sorry =) But thanks at all - gonna sub them in german =)

[quote="Minamato":wp52wk67]Oh - I’m sorry =) But thanks at all - gonna sub them in german =)[/quote:wp52wk67]
You might wanna kinda team up with dtfs or whomever would be able to do an english sub for the not yet subbed episodes, so the timing/etc has only to be done once :nod:

i think i have the sub file for takikomi gohan, ill ask if its alright for you to use if you want

I did half of the Batsu-Game in High-School before with timing on my own - do you think it’s really allright to take someone elses script just to translate? if it’s allright, i’ll take it =) thank you