Team Fight - Suspended Ceiling Crisis (subbed)

Hey all,
Just completed another Team Fight episode. Watch on my blog. Enjoy!


Thanks Zurui, nice to see you back:)

Thanks sebas-chan :up:

Wow Zurui, you are back :D

Many people enjoy your stuff on our subreddit

Btw: Ashita ga aru sa episode 9 was subbed by GakiNoSuitGuy and timed by me (you can see in the intro music at 19:20 min).

I am looking forward to see episode 10 from you.

Thanks Rylix ^_^
Yeah it’s been awhile lol. With this covid keeping everyone at home, I have some time to catch up on the site. Nice work on the translations, I’ll get the credit up asap. :up:

How many Team Fight actually are they? Some list as 20 but I got 71 as posted by someone here. And they don’t have the same list.

I think 70+, not exactly sure

Thanks for this! That’s quite a collection of videos on your website. Looking forward to watching them all.