Team Fight!

[url=]Team Fight! Team Hamada vs. Team Matsumoto [Mediafire][/url:fgwk8d0j]

While browsing Nico Nico Douga, I found this clip that seems to be a compilation of the “best parts” of a show (I don’t know japanese, so I’m only guessing). I’m not sure if it’s part of another show, or a show in of itself.

Anyway, it seems to be called Team Fight, and the video shows clips of two teams doing crazy challenges.

The two teams? Team Hamada and Team Matsumoto! You might see some familiar faces in both teams. I remember seeing some of the team members being in previous Downtown skits, and Itao Itsuji is in Team Matsumoto :)

I uploaded the file to MF in the original format (.flv, pretty bad quality) so check it out, and if anyone knows anything more about this show, please feel free to share.

(Apologies if this was already posted, did a search and found nothing)

It seems like this would have come from Gottsu Ee Kanji as most of those people were on the show. Ive seen the full specials out there, I just can’t locate them at the moment. I’ll keep searching. Great find Pertridish.