Team Gaki/J-addict/Shibatabread- PLEASE ANSWER

Hi to all the amazing translators and helpers who helped get the batsu game onto the internet!

I was wandering if one of you would be able to answer the following question, or give everyone here (including myself) a hint if you will be translating the Batsu Game this year (IF THERE IS ONE!)… On top of this, will someone be translating the Batsu Game live like last year? (I understand Mickstar from Team Gaki did this.) Can any of you please answer my plea and hint if you will be translating it? Even it is just a idea at this moment.

Thank you!


Hi Alex,

As far as I know, TG is planning to sub it as we usually do.

I am going to be working with Mickstar (who I happen to know in real life :)) to set up a live stream…