Terminator Game

In this skit, the Gaki boys, minus Hamada of course play a game with a kid. All I have to say is, that kid can swing a hammer. Enjoy.


I’ll be back… i’ll be back… i’ll be back :D :D :D

I love how they were playing the Terminator theme song in the background. Nice find, thanks for posting!

Lol … Hehehe … is this boy sadist Hamada’s illegitimate son ? :devil:

Naw, he doesnt laugh like a barrel of evil monkeys.

you know what i hate about gaki? they have the simplest unusual ideas ever that turn out to be gold. just makes me wonder of the thought process behind it… “hmm… lets play a game where you guys act like the terminator, stick your head up through holes while a kid swings at you”. its brilliant!!!