Tetsuo from Wari Meshi attempts the Shichi henge.

Isn’t it already posted somewhere around the forums?

Nope… you must be mistaken, this is “Tetsuo Shichi henge… episode 941”… I didn’t see this episode in any other forum… if this was already on here… then it should of been in the “Shichi henge Forum”!

It’s posted here

[url=http://gaki-no-tsukai.com/thread.php?threadid=22:3vrbvrrh]Koumoto Shichihenge[/url:3vrbvrrh]

And there was a previous thread titles Tetsuo with the same video, but that one seems to have disappeared.

Alrighty than, i must have mistaken it for other footage i’ve seen around the internet.

Hey! Here you go! You can download it from Megaupload (With subs!! :D) Right

Courtesy of L-Z Fansubs (I don’t know if they have a Web or something… Sorry!) ;(

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the vids on youtube have been taken off due to copyright…

who made the 63000 yen ?

to OrosaMx:
i love when stuff gets uploaded on MegaUplad!! cuz then i can DL ity and add it to my collection… so i wish everything would be upped there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: keep up the good work!!

Anyone know whats the song they play while he does the hand in water gag?

Here’s a re-uploaded version (with subtitles) I managed to find on the internet if anyone’s interested :nod: