The Busukko Club!

This time, the players of Gottsu Ee Kanji take us into the apparently wild and comical [b:ezy2ff2e]world of prostitution[/b:ezy2ff2e]. In Japan though, it’s usually not a thing where you just go to a street corner in a less than desirable neighborhood. It’s more like the things you see if you go to Las Vegas. There’s fliers and cards with advertisements on it, and you call a number and they send a prostitute over to your house. If you’re not happy with the prostitute’s appearance, you can “change”, which means you send the other prostitute back and they send you a different one.

In this skit, [b:ezy2ff2e]Hamada gets the rare opportunity to call one of these services :D[/b:ezy2ff2e] when his wife leaves town. The flier for which he happens to have the number for is for the “Busukko Club” which would translate to “The Ugly Girl Club”, but I really wanted to translate it to the “Uggmo Club”. I don’t know how he managed to not see that when he called, or heard it when the operator picked up the phone. But when the girls actually get there, let’s just say that Hamada wants change like Barack Obama buying one item at a $1 store with a $100 bill.

Subtitled by: Black Gaki