The Friendly ghost

this is the skit when hamada act as the guest and stay @ motel. then itao (the room service) warned him that Friendly Ghost ( Matsumoto) will appear. Then there appear friendly ghost and wants play with him. Then now every time guest (Hamada) come every weeks to see friendly ghost and enjoying play with him. Enjoy!! :)
credit: gakirose for uploading this awesome series :bow:
friendly ghost 1

friendly ghost 2

friendly ghost 3

friendly ghost 4

friendly ghost 5

mediafire DL (1-5):

There is a 6th one that you’re missing. i had already posted these in the "Friendly Being" thread, but all videos have been deleted. you must find the 6th one and your mission will be complete!

Just great! :)

thanks ! I loved it !! the music is so catchy !

@ ezo, so it’s posted already, sorry :bow:
I couldn’t find the 6th clip, but when i found it, i’ll add it here

–Download link added and cut the black screen, check 1st post–

anybody know the name song?

[quote="4c.":36ttaagq]anybody know the name song?[/quote:36ttaagq]

[url=]Ettou Tsubame[/url:36ttaagq] ("Wintering Swallow") by [url=]Mori Masako[/url:36ttaagq] ([url=]romanized lyrics[/url:36ttaagq]).

Mori Masako made an appearance in the No Laughing Hotel Man batsu game. During the bus ride she appears and sings another song of hers, [url=]Sensei[/url:36ttaagq] ("Teacher").

oh my god, thanks for the link of the song! this is my favourite skit! (that’s why I have this icon…) :P