"The King of Jail Breakers" directed by Itao Itsuji

Now available with subtitles on asiatorrents:


[quote:2l260vur]Title: The King of Jail Breakers / King of the Escape
Original Title: 板尾創路の脱獄王 , Datsugoku Ou
Director: Itsuji Itao
Writer: Shoichiro Masumoto, Itsuji Itao, Yudai Yamaguchi
Genre: Action,Drama,Thriller
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Runtime: 94 min
Year: 2010
Release Date: January 16, 2010

Masayuki Suzuki (Itsuji Itao) is known as "Datsugoku Oh" (King of Escape) because of his incredible ability to escape from any prison. Even though his ability to escape from prison was unmatched he would normally get caught within a few hours from his escape. He is then sent to Prison Island … can he escape ?[/quote:2l260vur]

Cast includes Kimura, Chihara, Miyasako and more :)

It would be great if Itao’s other recent movie, Moonlight Mask, was also subtitled: