The name's Naxel, sup?

Howdy y’all

I don’t think I ever introduced myself, but might as well since I’ve been roaming the board for a bit more than a year
The name’s Naxel, I’m a design whore, sound freak, web dev and an all around geek for a number of things, one being the Gaki no tsukai ya arende Show and crew.

I think I’ve discovered the show from between 2006-2007 a bit before or after the police batsu game. And I’ve been following our japanese friends putting jackass to shame for the purpose of greater comedy. And I love it :) like us all obviously, since the board is dedicated to the show :P

I’m not fluent in japanese at all but watching japanese comedy shows for 7 years time helps making you understand some words at least. I plan to go to japan one day for more than just the comedy show, exploration of another side of the world, akihabara and to unleash repressed fanboyims, but I’m a secluded person so it may take time :P

The thing I find most facinating from the GnT show is their approach to make cooking shows a funny thing. Like the Kiki Serie or the absolutely tasty serie. Or the 2 small tibits of eating candies with rice. Suga Kenji wasn’t kidding when saying to feature ramen to have high ratings on japanese television.

So yea… that’s all

and now here is a dancing charizard for you
You’re welcome

Welcome! GnT’s cooking shows are my favourite too
Your gif keeps lagging on my computer and freaking me out…

Welcome! I’m Dexter from the Philippines and I love GNT specially the batsu games.

Been also a fan from 2009 i guess.

BTW nice gif :rofl: