The Real Matsumoto

matsumoto no hontou



Please can someone sub this? I think its very interesting

i think ive read long time ago that shibatabread wanted to sub this but maybe he forget it

I saw this a while ago and it made a sad impact on me while watching it :(

I think Matsumoto talks primarily about his life as a self-proclaimed hyoi-geinin and how much you are judge more based on public personality who has been an entertainer for decades as oppose to who you are personally.

I could be wrong, but it’s the type of meaning and understanding I get when watching this.

Oh, this looks serious.
Does can someone give us a small overview pls?

Argh, this is exceeding the limits of my Japanese ability. I don’t even understand half of what he’s saying :( :( :(

Sigh, would it kill him to drop the kansai ben? :P