The Team Fight game (subbed)

Thanks to ‘hand’ for the raw file. DL link on my blog as usual, enjoy!


Nice one. By the way there are alot more "the team fight" segments. I’m planning on upload them all in chronological order as soon i have all the available gottsu episodes. I’m still short of like 100-150 episodes so it’ll take a while. However if you want to sub some more team fights I can upload some of what I already have for you.

Great work Zurui and Hand!!

Thank you! These "The Team Fight" segments are one of the funniest :)

this is from episode 162 from november 26 1995…

here’s the full episode :

lol hamada has a moustach on that episode, looks wierd on him :D

Thank you :bow: i love these episodes. Not very long ago someone uploaded all of the team fight episodes on youtube. i saw half of them before D E L E T E D :@