Tips for making Gifs

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make gifs that run at the same speed as video. I’m thinking about making some more from various batsu games

Download a software called VidGif… it works perfect ;)

But before that you have to “cut” your video (in .avi format), the software resizes it and converts it to .gif

I will check that out for sure

Haha damn this is useful seeing as awinick turned the picture I was using as my avatar and made it 5003456756790575x better by turning it into a .gif. I love Symbol <3! Thanks for the link :D!

A program i like to use is Video Avatar, its an easy to use program and it can handle most video formats like avi, mpg, mkv, mov etc etc.

Hey thanks for the recommendations, I wanna make animated gifs too! :D

Just wanna add another reccomendation here for a software called "Free Video to GIF Converter".

It’s very lightweight, easy to use and has some nice features.

  • You can select a whole video and type in what point in the video you would like it to capture. For example 00:02:00 to 00:02:30 (this will capture 30 seconds worth of video from 2 minutes in). It takes a moment to find the point in the video then it’ll start capturing.
    Or just make a short clip using Windows Movie Maker, Machete or some other software that can cut up video and load that in. The default capture is up to 30 seconds of video without putting in a custom range.

  • You can choose the height/width of what the GIF will be. Plus how many frames per second to capture from the video (lots of frames means bigger filesize, but only a few frames can make it less smooth).

  • After its done capturing it lets you remove frames. This is really useful to customise how the scene plays out or to tweak the filesize further by getting rid of unecessary frames. Only drawback is there doesn’t seem to be an Undo button, so if you remove some frames you wanted to keep the only option is to Reload all the frames. It’d also be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut rather than the Remove frame button. But still it is a nice feature to have in a free software.

  • You can also select the quality level to tweak the color matching (though will result in a bigger filesize). Or choose to adjust the play speed (to make it play out in slow motion by setting the FPS lower or faster by setting it higher), by default it’ll match the same speed as the video.

There’s more info on the Guide on the website.
Happy GIFing! Here’s a thread to add your creations to: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2165

If you have photoshop, use a program like MPEG Streamclip and trim the bits you want and export them as .mov files. Import them into photoshop and tweak to your hearts content (you can also choose to half the frame rate, otherwise it runs at regular speed)(oh yeah and you can change the speed of every individual frame).

I guess it’s more useful if you really want the gifs to look a certain way with filters or adding your own subs etc. etc. etc. but for me it’s the easiest.

I forgot to mention that after I’ve made a GIF I’ve also been using this online website:

Its pretty fast in uploading the GIF and making changes.
It lets you do lots of different things like crop, add text, resize, change color (sepia/sophia, invert, grayscale, etc.), rotate/flip, add a border or rounded corner border, add a overlay and more. You can Undo each action.
I find it useful to quickly modify a GIF by cropping or resizing to meet Tumblrs 1mb GIF limit.

Another site that lets you crop and resize is Toolson, but it seems a bit slower: