The embedding didn’t seem to work with this video.

Is there a mega upload for this file ?

[quote="BigSnoop515":r9luw60j]Is there a mega upload for this file ?[/quote:r9luw60j]


Thanks Kamepiz.

you know. i don’t think i’ve ever tried corn soup. i like corn, but for some reason i don’t see corn soup being appetizing… hmmm… :?:

the file is unavailable :(

Aw, can any1 reupload this?

I really appreciate all subs, but seriously how could you upscale that thing (which probably was a bad source in the first place) then even to 720p? CSI is not real. You can not zoom endlessly into a picture and you can not make a small picture bigger and without making it look horrible (plus consuming much more space). Please: NEVER touch the damn resolution, keep it as it is (this is for all people, not just the OP).


THis really makes me sad ;(

reupload please! :)

My only question is, how is it that so many subs are only half-subbed? Don’t get me wrong, I love that there is anything, but to download something and find only half of it is understandable…it’s a bit disappointing.

ok thats good but this isn`t full-subbed…this is half-subbed but at least understandable.