Hello everyone!

Today is a great day! Our Gaki No Tsukai Fan community reached the high mark of 20000 members! It was a good year full of joy and many new Videos. Let’s hope that we reach the 30000 members mark this year, too and let’s also hope that the right owners accept as the foreign user base.

Yay! :)

happy tenx2000 times users!!!

Nice. I wonder how the 6 999 980 000 clueless could have missed this site. :)

Kinda ridiculous how quickly we reached 20000. It’s only been about a year and a half.

wow 20k that’s crazy i bet we’ll get a heap more at the end of the year

yatta!! :clap: :clap:


"Thank you" to the people who made this fanpage!!!
"thank you" for your job

"Que le meilleur continue pour vous !!!"