Torinikutte Nanno Niku!? 芸能界常識チェック ~トリニクって何の肉!?~

Special Edition (2021.08.17)
特別編 優れた非常識!? 激辛最強芸能人 (187 Bytes)

Hey Ernie, thanks for uploading this. Just wanted to ask if there’s a whole series or is there just 1 episode only that you have uploaded. I couldn’t find anything else, but I hope there’s more as it’s really interesting.

This is the only one I have currently recorded.

This program was originally a quiz show that intrigued the lack of knowledge of young entertainers.
I felt a little unpleasant because it seemed to mock the lack of knowledge.

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Wow, thanks so much for replying Ernie :$

Thanks for recording, we really appreciate it!