Toy Story 3 or Despicable me

Which one is your favorite? Both are the [url=]hit movies[/url:19d37oqd] of the genre of animation. My favorite one is Toy Story 3.

This year there are way more animated films to deserve that honor. I haven’t seen it, but I was told [i:2jei2dwm]How to Train your Dragon[/i:2jei2dwm] was also great, and the [i:2jei2dwm]Gahoole [/i:2jei2dwm]one because of its technical achievements. Unfortunately I have the feeling that nowadays every animated pic must be CGI, and in 3D as possible, so one misses the feeling of the traditional animation. That’s why I’d also include [i:2jei2dwm]The Illusionist[/i:2jei2dwm] on the list. On the same line, this year from Japan we had [i:2jei2dwm]Colorful [/i:2jei2dwm](an incredibly beautiful tale of a young kid spirit) and [i:2jei2dwm]Karigurashi no Arrietty[/i:2jei2dwm] (the latest piece from Ghibli studio).

Talking about the 2 films you are mentioning, Toy Story has a 2 film background that helps a lot. It’s a nice ending to the series… unless Disney collapses and they are forced to make another one. The movie has great moments but also some boring ones. Because of the hype, I liked it but I didn’t find it as extraordinary as I was expecting.

Despicable Me puts together a decent story with a bunch of look-a-like Rayman Rabbids. However the story of the villain with heart is something in fashion. We have seen it in Shrek and now in Megamind.

I hope more original animated movies will be made, regardless if they are CGI or traditional.

You should try watching Tangled then, atreyu.

Also, Despicable Me. Only because I haven’t seen TS3 to make a valid judgment and reason.

i would say Toy Story would easily beat Despicable Me.

toy story 3… easily!

Toy Story 3 for me too. Even tho im well old enough to realize that Disney and Pixar wouldnt include the death of the main character toys in a children movie, some parts still had me gripping the seat handle. And Pixar always knows how to give their movies a nice emotional ending.

Of course, Toy Story 3! A very heart warming, action-packed, and drama. Very suited for all kids at heart like me… ^_^

Despicable me is more Entertaining then Toy story 3

Toy Story 3 is best movie that I had watched. It is one of the high-rated movie of year 2010.

Without any doubt Toy Story 3 because It’s graphics are much better then Despicable me. & I think Toy Story 3 beats the Despicable me graphics. Awesome animated movie… :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I loved both, but Toy Story 3 is WAY awesome ;), you know why…I feel a connection with it cause the first time it came out we were almost like Andy’s age and the 2nd one came out then the third one where most of us are in collage right now…just like Andy :P

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