Trial of Videos

Hiyo! If you can help me out…

One of my favorite things that Gaki no Tsukai did is called the Trial of Yamazaki.
>< But I’m having no luck finding the videos!

Plus there is a lot of other Trial of Videos…

If anyone can find these I would greatly appreciate it!

One that I know of so far:

Trial of Yamazaki
Trial of Heipo

>< I know there are more but I can’t tell from the bits and pieces.

[url=]Heipo’s Trial[/url:2flftcio]

[url=]Yamazaki Copycat Trial[/url:2flftcio]

Don’t be lazy - try the forums search function. :devil:

-_- There are more than those.

yes, and if you search for “trial”, some of them will be displayed.
I was lazy too and did not post the other links. :blink: