Trip to Osaka :)

Went to Japan for my summer holidays…stayed in Osaka for 2 days. Went to Yoshimoto Kyogo’s Namba Grand Kagetsu and really felt the…how do you say it…comedy culture there. :D
Went to a shop called 吉本テレビ通り which literally means Yoshimoto TV street and snooped around excitedly for products of Gaki no Tsukai…however I only found some phone straps and dummies and there was not much Gaki products available in that shop. :( Did get a roll of decoration tape which says "CAUTION! SHAKURE POLICE" though 8) (photo available). To get all the products, I think I’ll have to really go to Nihon TV station.
Apart from Gaki products, I also looked for our Gaki members’ products…to my disappointment I asked the staff and they told me they do not have Downtown nor Cocorico’s products :(. However I did saw Yamasaki Hosei’s sticker and a pair of socks featuring him naked except for his underwear (not a T-back however :P ) and I thought shouldn’t this fit Endo better and in the end I didn’t buy his sticker/socks :P. Also bought Yoshimoto cookies however the box doesn’t have any of the members on it. :(
Ok apart from the Yoshimoto shops, I also saw things which reminded me of our dearest Gaki crew all over Osaka…the most obvious one would be the TV. Though they don’t air Gaki in Kansai’s TV stations, but you can get satellite broadcastings of NTV if you use the pay TV (but I didn’t pay xP). Still, you can see the program’s name in the digital TV guide of the TV (you won’t be able to see it on hardcopies of TV guides). Also, there are other programs that our members host…like Ougon Densetsu and Ichihachi. Endo will also make a guest appearance in Ametoku this coming week talking about his habits comcerning his phone.
Also when you step into a 7-11 you’ll see our cool Gari Gari kun ice lollies (no Sugari Sugari kun I’m afraid :rofl: ). I also managed to notice there’s a brand of water called "Irohas". Doesn’t this name ring a bell??? :lol:
My camera have this great timing of malfunctioning, so I didn’t manage to take any photos when going to Shinsaibashi. Walking into Shinsaibashi I saw a giant poster of Hama chan’s drama…forgot its name. Also saw him being a model and advertising some T-shirts. Going into a CD shop called Tsutaya, I found DVDs of Gaki and Downtown and Cocorico xD. Also saw CDs oh Jikyu 800 yen (Endo’s Miracle Type band). Really wanted to bring all those home but the price…well… :whew:
So that’s about all I have to share concerning my trip to Osaka and Gaki…really enjoyed my trip ;).

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Did you go anywhere other than Osaka or was those 2days the only you spent in Japan?

Of course I did not only spend 2 days in Japan…I also went to Wakayama and Kobe :))
Scenery in Wakayama really rocks!

oh kool!! Osaka is the more traditional side of Japan, I have heard the scenery is really beautiful there! :)

I’m going to Japan for 2 weeks next year "14.02.2011", I will be staying with my girlfriend and the family (they are Japanese), I’ll be going to Tokyo and Ibaraki, also seeing the life-size Gundam ^^, Tokyo Disneyland and much moreee, so I can’t wait for that!!! :)

Hopefully I’ll bump into the Gaki guy’s while I’m there!! :D (yeah…right!! as if that’s gonna happen ^^)