Trouble With Pandora

Yes, I can’t use Pandora. Just wondering if Pandora’s banned in NY/PA area. That’s where I live, and just want to know anyone else living in the US is having similar problems with Pandora.

Well, if your using FireFOx to watch Pandora, sometimes it won’t connect so use IE to watch the videos as it will load and connect faster…

The initial connecting takes a bit long here but after that the video loads fast.

Is there a way to download video off pandora?

maybe with OrbitDownloader - I didn’t try it

I would be happy if someone could also tell me how to download videos from pandora without just screen ripping it. IDM and Download Helper won’t work with pandora.

Today I tried the “OneClick YouTube Downloader” [size=84:11npg5ik](not to be confused with “1-Click YouTube Downloader”)[/size:11npg5ik], which is included in Orbit Downloader I guess, to download videos from Pandora. And it worked! It actually doesn’t download the videos, it records them - but not in a screen ripping way! It just concentrates on the video. The recorder doesn’t even mind loading-stops, so the finished video is as normal as downloaded.

I recommend what CaptainFalcon said, it works pretty well. Just keep the video running in the background and go about your business.

found that [url:3fzl5jo4][/url:3fzl5jo4]

Does anyone happen to use a Mac by chance? I haven’t found a mac version of that Orbit Downloader. Pandora works only half the time and I haven’t seen a new episode since 1001 haha, I need my fix :open_mouth: