Tsukitei Housei - Awkward Marriage Announcement (Eng Sub)

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From Tokumori 2015-06-27, Tsukitei Housei talks about his awkward marriage announcement back in 2001.

Subbed by: [url=http://yamasakigifs.tumblr.com/tagged/amateursub:bd34t7d6]YamasakiGIFs Tumblr[/url:bd34t7d6] and [url=http://dtr-subs.tumblr.com/:bd34t7d6]Typesoshee of DTR Subs[/url:bd34t7d6]

Major thanks to Typesoshee, without them this would still be an "Amateur Sub," there was some complicated subject matter that was too much for my non-existent Japanese to handle. :bow: