[TuT] How To Make Hard-Subs

If you want to play episodes on lets say your PS3, 360 or even just have the subtitles and video in one AVI file use this tutorial. To do this you will need:

Avidemux 2.5 - Download here
[url:38bnbmbz]http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/download.html[/url:38bnbmbz] (Choose your OS)

After downloading and installing the program run it and follow these steps:

  1. Go to File>Open and open your video of choice

  2. Under Video change Copy to MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid)
    *If this video format is not shown you must download the “Xvid codec pack”

  3. Still under video click Filters, then go to subtitles, double click ASS a screen will pop up. Click Open and choose the subtitle file of choice (.ass)

  4. From that popup you can also change the subtitle size and the margin sizes. Click ok and then preview the video. If the subtitles are showing then you got it. If they are not fiddle with the sizes (Margin, font scale, spacing etc.

  5. When you got the video and subs working together go to
    file>save>save video

It may take a while because the video has to completely re-encode.

Hope I helped :)

Might be trying this to read some stuff on my PSP, thanks !!

thanks alooot now i can play episodes on my ps3 :clap:

Thanks for this, been looking for even simpler ways to play files on my ps3 with subtitles! :D

yeah i tried this on my mac using both the mac app and the windows app (via crossover) and it’s not working. when i click open using the button (not by double clicking on .ass / ssa) it says "problem reading XML filters" any idea? I’m using both the video and sub’s from this website on the hospital batsu game

[quote="fornez":3f3mif2f]yeah i tried this on my mac using both the mac app and the windows app (via crossover) and it’s not working. when i click open using the button (not by double clicking on .ass / ssa) it says "problem reading XML filters" any idea? I’m using both the video and sub’s from this website on the hospital batsu game[/quote:3f3mif2f]

I got the same problem that you, i think is maybe one problem i ahve with my .net frameworks but i really dont know, but you can use another way to hardsubbing it and is using the Virtualdub [url:3f3mif2f]http://www.virtualdub.org/[/url:3f3mif2f], using the filter form Aegisub(you need to download and install to get the filter) [url:3f3mif2f]http://www.aegisub.org/[/url:3f3mif2f], you just need the installation of Aegisub,you have to go to the installation folder of "Aegisub->Csri" there you will find a file called "VSFilter-Aegisub.dll" you have to change the name to "VSFilter-Aegisub.vdf"(the filters format for virtualdub),then open Virtualdub and open you video, later you go to "Video->Filters…" then you select"Add…" and then "Load…" fint the "VSFilter-Aegisub.vdf" that is on the installaiton folder of Aegisub, then after load it you will se two new filter you have to select the "Text Sub Gabest" then just find you subs and its all, then just chose your compression(the only compression that have worked for me is "Xvid on Single Pass")

This maybe will fix the problem, after you encoded it you will have a file to easy manage.

Note: This only works for ".avi". Also the Virtualdub dont have mac version i dont know if it works :S

EDIT: o.k I solved my own problem. ;) but I have a bigger one now :D when I am trying to encode the new vid. with subs , which takes some time, the process suddenly "crashes" witout any reasons and I can´t read the report why it crashed…mmhm any ideas ?

Haha, that usually what happens with me too… I was told that perhaps my graphic card isn’t powerful enough, something like that…

Try with other programs to hardsub like Format Factory! You’ll find tutorials through the web.

The thing about this is…I was trying to hardsub no laughing hotel man and basically the subtitle coding shibatabread will popup


<verdana=0911022><ARIAL0220202[Translationby shibatabread]

I guess I’ll try format factory.

I found a faster way to do this, using a program named AviRecomp. You end up with an avi with the subtitles burned in just like normal but this is soooooo much faster. Basically (and this is leaving out a lot of detail) you don’t have to re-encode the whole avi to get the subtitles in. Follow this guide:

http://www.my-guides.net/en/guides/gene ... ompression


yea what madpanic said…avi recomp is better and faster

Does AVIRecomp work with MP4 files though, or do you need to reincode them to AVI?

i think anything works TK

thanks a lot for the tutorial ^_^

Thank you very much for this tutorial, JAndrade :) I tried to make a hardsub with one part of the Hotel Employee Batsu Game but didn´t work 100%. The video movement was damaged, doesn´t flow, get stuck every second. I don´t know how to put in words lol. But the hard sub worked fine in a +3GB .avi file with all .ass effects. It took me 4hs to see the results. I loved the Avidemux 2.5 and would like to know what I did wrong, or should do to get a video flowing with the subtitle :) is there something more to change in the config? thanx

P.S: One thing I did before the first time subbing is converting the original file to .avi with the format factory, because I only read about .avi files being sub. I don´t know if was the problem.
On the next day:
I tryied again using the tutorial, but with the Police Batsu file. Smaller avi file then the Hotel Employee Batsu file, and did work perfectly! :inlove:
This time the Avidemux asked me to Build VBR time map, and asked me to Rebuild frame because say index is not up to date. I don´t remember if it was asked during the first time I used :$

Now I have to work, but when I come back home I´ll try one more time with the Hotel Employee Batsu Game.

One more time, thank you very much!

AVI is a common video format so it gets mentioned a lot but you can indeed have a hardsubbed MKV, MP4 etc. I’m not sure why you’re getting movement glitches, but since converting to AVI was possibly an unecessary step might as well try with the original video file. Best of luck.

Thank you very much Soudou. I tried again with the original mp4 video file Hotel Employee Batsu and appeared this message: "H.264 detected: If the file is using B-frames as reference it can lead to a crash or stuttering. Avidemux can use another mode which is safe but you will lose frame accuracy. Do you want to use that mode? Yes or No". I click No and cancel the process. Maybe that was what happened during the first time. I´m not sure.

After that I tried the same batsu, but in mkv and appeared the message again (I converted this mp4 above to mkv months ago because my TV only read ass sub with mkv video file. But some batsu parts,"signs" doesn´t show the sub, only their codes, thats why I´m looking for hard-sub them).

:?: I was wondering, why I could do with avi Police station, and not with mp4 and mkv Hotel Employee? So I deleted the old Hotel Employee avi file, and converted the original mp4 to avi again. Maybe I did something wrong. And indeed something change, the first time took 4hs to hard-sub, and this time took 1h40m. Hope.

I´m already watching the hardsubs Batsus perfetly on my TV!!! :inlove:

Results: here in my notebook, the Avidemux only hardsub avi files lol this is a amazing program and I don´t know what about my note lol

Happy, going to hardsub 2012 and 2013 batsus…

Thank you Soudou and JAndrade :bow: