UNAIRED SCENE from Batsu Game :)

This scene from Batsu game Newspaper about ( KIDNAPPED JIMMY )

I hope u like it beacuse I did watch Newspaper and I don’t recall watching this scene 8)

No subs :shake: but easy to understand.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcuKkF9N ... ideo_title

I remember someone posted this scene somewhere around here…still it’s awesome

If it is then sry and let some1 delete the topic and ty :bow:

good find - thx - I posted it some times ago in this thread


The scene then got deleted on yt’s behalf because of "sexual haressment …" :envy:

Could you provide download link?

Will at least some1 re-upload it on Youtube :whew:


As i look around on the forums i see alot of stuff that isn’t included in the batsu games, but still funny as hell. Thanks alot!

THX. It’s just awesome :rofl: i don’t understand why they cut this scene ??? like tanaka with the spider :D to funny.

Thanks very much for the upload, but I had a question for anyone with the answer; why is this extra footage not included with the extra scenes from the newspaper batsu game?

Also, are there any other extra scenes that I may have missed from previous batsu games?