Utchan-Nanchan's Challengers of Fire


I post this because I just found a German version of the show on YT under the name "Sports Bakka". I used to watch this in my local dub many years ago right til the end, which was then replaced by Ikinari! Okkon Densetsu hosting by none other than Cocorico.

It is similar to other game shows around that time like Takeshi’s Castle or Unbeatable Banzuke. It is pretty simple, if you beat the challenge, you get 1 million yen. Most of challenges though, even some sound simple enough, are very difficult such as catching three small pieces of paper falling from high distance with chopsticks, stacking 300 coins, staying awake for 72+ hours, crying in 10 seconds, running 100m to finish it at the exact time you set etc.

The most popular challenge of the show is Electric Wire Course challenge series.

There are not a lot of original clips left on the Net. Still, if you are interested in the show you can start from [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9lvv4ClRoI:3cyiq0dr]here[/url:3cyiq0dr].