Veoh files Chapter 7 for bankruptcy!!!

To all GNT fan, mod and admin,

Just to warn you, so you guys prepare to switch video host as Veoh filed Chapter 7 for bankruptcy and they will shut it down 4ever!!

[url=,2817,2359105,00.asp:377iutrz]PC Magazine[/url:377iutrz]


Hmm…I wonder if that’s why I was having trouble uploading clips today and yesterday…

Isn’t the biggest Downtown library at Veoh ? (I’m thinking of mutoatlan collection). That’s a big problem !!! He has the largest collection available…
It’s time for a torrent tracker innit ?

I think the best place after Veoh would be either Megaupload, DailyMotion, or somewhere else. It probably won’t be as easy as getting videos on Veoh, but its something.

Thanks for the information. Yes megavideo would be good because when you upload an avi or any other video file you can also watch and embed it with flash.

Is Veoh working for anyone? I can’t watch videos, download videos… X(

I finally tracked down all the episodes of Tobidase! Kagaku kun and I can’t see them!

When will Veoh be shut down does anyone know? ;(
So far its still working.

Aye, i’m having problems loading the video with veoh as host, it loads for like few minutes and then stopped >_>

And yes, i suggest either Megavideo or Dailymotion, veoh is becoming crap right now, my chrome freeze and says “not responding” whenever i open the dam veoh web player. It’d be delightful if someone could start uploading the previous videos that once hosted by veoh to another site. Veoh is almost dead and on the verge of completely dead right now.

I’ve had veoh web player/veoh tv/whatever for a few years. It suddenly started acting up so I uninstalled and reinstalled and now i can’t watch a single veoh video. It wouldn’t be a big deal except there are a lot of vids there that aren’t anywhere else (that I’ve found at least).

I totally agree, veoh has alot of those vids that i couldnt find anywhere, but just the same as u, i’ve had veoh for a few years, it started acting up, especially after i installed the newest version of veoh web player, i uninstall it and reinstall but it wont fix. And now i couldnt open that dam crap on anymore since it’ll malfunction my google chrome and could probably mess up my computer. Just the same with video, i cant watch any video from veoh now, it was working find but now it wont work for me anymore…, it played and load for like 4-5 mins and then stopped completely, even though it doesnt show any 5 mins mark or anything, just load on the loading bar and then stopped completely.

Veoh was a good site too, i used to go there like a lot, but after the company acts up, and change the layout and everything, i stopped and move on to Youtube. Veoh has alot of good clips and videos, probably better than Youtube, but this event will crush that happy time ~_~

It’s time to migrate. Where should we go? [url=]Viddler?[/url:2gfc2luk]

I think megaupload is a good option because you can watch on megavideo or download if you want it, which was one of the good things about veoh.

Whenever I search for videos in Japanese, I always get hits from [url=][/url:32citg43], but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make the videos play. :pinch: And trying to download their player made my computer freeze.

VEOH is down ;(


Yesterday I started watching a episode on Veoh, but went to bed halfway, thinking I would finish watching it today. I’m very sad now.

[url=]… Qlipso acquired for an undisclosed sum the assets of video-delivery Web site Veoh Networks …[/url:28gw14z5]


I took a look at Qlipso, its a content-sharing site, where you can DL a Qlipso-Client, and share some Web-contents with you friends. I don’t know what happened to VEOH-Content, maybe in the future it will be searchable and viewable with/on Qlipso, it is no information outthere concerning this issue. But why should Qlipso buy VEOH, without to do something with VEOH’s content?

Nooooooooooo! I haven’t even mentally prepared myself to download the veoh files yet! And it’s too late!


Uhm … Veoh is online again.
Absolutely nothing has changed. Nothing at all.

I’m confused.

As expected, somebody else finally takes over Veoh since there is still a good share of visitors to the site. The former owner just lost a lot of money that suppose to be for maintaining the site to the copyright lawsuit, which Veoh actually wins.

Though, its policies will change a lot, that’s for sure. Stay tuned.

There’s a change - Link to Qlipso :shifty:


Welcome back VEOH!!

No, alfred_49, the Qlipso Button was already there. I think since … yesterday? Or 2 days ago? Something like that.