Video problems...

Hiya, I just recently registered here and I’d like to thank you for all the video and subtitle files :D

I just have a problem with loading a video onto VLC media player, whenever I try opening an .avi file, it doesn’t respond :S I have both the sub file and the video file with the same name and they’re both under the same folder, but for some reason I can’t load them, any suggestions on fixing this? Thanks again :clap:

Probably not going to be very helpful, but have you tried Windows Media Player Classic. It works perfectly with that.

I might actually try and switch to that, thanks for the suggestion :D

[b:hm0inwno]EDIT: It tells me it can’t render the file, what’s up?[/b:hm0inwno]

Hmmmm, what codec pack do you have? I would recommend the CCCP. Works well.

I’m not actually sure, but I’ll download that right now…

EDIT: hm, after installing it still says it can’t render the file, I’ve opened the home cinema version as well, are there any settings I have to do? because I just went through the part of the installation

That is really odd. Make sure the type of file is selected in the codec settings. Just recommend fooling around with it. You should be able to play everything with that codec pack.

Yeah, I guess I’ll just post my results later, but thanks again :)

No prob, wish you luck.

Were there any problems for other people with that torrent with 6 batsu games in it? Because all the files from there have the same “cannot render file” problem going on. Also, the 24-hour tag one on it only plays for 18 seconds :S

Hey polysix,

Do have any other codec packs installed besides CCCP? How many players you have overall installed?

Do you actually finish the download of the torrent? Its over 6 GB the whole thing. One more thing can you play other videos? Besides from Gaki no tsukai.

Nope, and I did download the whole torrent, but I don’t know it didn’t work so I downloaded the games in parts instead and it worked better for me

i just had the same problem but what i did was i checked the enable .avi in haali media splitter option of cccp, played the video in the media home classic, loaded the subtitle file, and it worked! hope this helps! ;)