Viikii Subbed Videos

please let me know if this is the wrong place to put this

Well I’ve been waiting for someone to start a GnT viikii channel and decided just to make one of my own. I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with viikii but I wanted to see if anyone could help segment/sub/back up videos. It’s really easy but the only thing is it doesn’t look nice, as say when you use Aegisub (or something similar) because you can’t change fonts/colors/positions or anything like that. I just thought if some people don’t feel like doing all the work it takes to time/translate/QC and all that, maybe different people can contribute what they can and do a faster job of it.


We are missing a really important factor though. A translator. There are only two of us and we are segmenters. It would be nice if anyone can help out. Even if your japanese is limited, any help is appreciated.

Again, hope it’s ok to post this. I just would love to see more Gaki episodes translated because it’s such a funny show.

Props to you for starting this initiative.
I hope you get that translator!, we all do. :clap:


Even the japanese dramas sometimes have trouble finding translators so… :(

Translators ahoy! 8)
can anyone assist this soul to create more gaki goodness?
plzzzz :?:

yes please anyone?! hehe thanks

that viikii is absolute garbage, ive seen a few shows on it, and man are they terrible. much more simple to use a private or even a public pastebin. anyway since my japanese is about that of a second grader, i wouldnt be of much help. props for trying to get something like this going.

Well I like using it because anyone can input subs and since I don’t have a team that’s all I can do.

Just letting you guys know that jteagarden has been helping by putting japanese subtitles and I’ve been trying to translate that into english. If anyone can help please do!

Since Viki changed, here is the new url: