Voyage Sketchbook from Japan [Sub]

[i:udw12d1e]Actually it’s called "Reiseskizzen aus Japan" or in French "Carnets de Voyage Japon"[/i:udw12d1e]

Before I go to my "well deserved" :devil: vacation, I’d like to share this video, which has inspired me in some ways.
It deals with a French comic-strip artist who lives and works in Japan.
There isn’t much to say about it the video, or Olivier the protagonist of this documentary film

  • but what indeed is mentionable is the calmness, the peace and beauty shown.

I’d like to thank Zurui for uploading it on different platforms - and of course the filmmakers.




[i:udw12d1e](For all the people which are wondering - the adfly revenue goes directly to the victims of Japan that where hit by the earthquake/tsunami)[/i:udw12d1e]