VS Arashi with Cocorico!

[url=http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-variety/vs-arashi-episode-1/:1p76r449]VS Arashi[/url:1p76r449]

Cocorico VS Arashi versus games. Subbed.

Enjoy! :D

:pinch: Grrrr, the internet doesn’t seem to like me these days.
I only had trouble with facebook so far, but now I can’t open this website as well.
I wanna watch this so bad ;(

Might be your firewall stopping you from loading the page. Or do you have a pop up blocker? As there is a pop up sometimes with that website.

:blink: I don’t think it’s any of that because the website works normally as long as I don’t go to a page with a video :pinch:

groans What a drag…

Nice find :clap:

:drink: HA! Another Gaki fan from Austria :lol:

lol tanaka wants camera for his son who call him tanaka-chan. so that he can feel not so distant father. lol thanks for posting!

Haha this is hilarious. I went and watched the other vs Arashi and Cororico were the only ones that lost! Bless them

thanks for this man.

:clap: Ah, I got to watch it, hooray!
This was so cute :inlove: I really love both Arashi (and their ultra-awesome music) and Cocorico!
The end was so funny :lol: Especially the face … made right before he fell. “So that’s how it is, huh?”
Tanaka’s son watches too much TV :D I’m sure he is a cool dad though.

I literally screamed at the time when Tanaka’s stacks fell because thats how tuned in I was hahaha.

I thought Tanaka’s “long” body would help out a lot especially with the last game haha.

Thanks! I’m a fan of Arashi and cocorico as well!! This looks good, thanks for sharing!

nice find dearka ! tanaka is sooo funny and active !!

da*n the site is too slow cant even see the video normally . youtube would be better or any other better faster site thanks

First time for me to see both outside a Gaki no Tsukai context.
Both (especially Tanaka) are so different her!
That was very funny, THANKS A LOT!!! :rofl:

Awesome find, and wow is Tanaka waaaaay more talkative outside of the gaki environment - I love it~!

Wow, Tanaka was downright active in this.