Waking up the cast - Batsu game (subbed)

This one has been floating around YT for awhile now, so I decided to sub it. Enjoy!


thanks zurui!!.. you’re one of the fastest subbers i’ve ever known…
yamazaki sure got screwed early in the morning… :rofl:

ahahahaha yamazaki got busted!!!

So she hid herself behind the curtain? xD

Ah, they’ve played out my favorite joke - pretending that they’ve never heard about bringing a girl home before.

[quote="StormCloudSeven":cwlyjral]ahahahaha yamazaki got busted!!![/quote:cwlyjral]

Wow, nice avatar boy :inlove: :talk:

Video removed :(

[quote="Whackjob":1w8y5uhf]Video removed :([/quote:1w8y5uhf]

Yeah, my account was suspended, here it is on my blog.

http://gakifiles.blogspot.com/2010/12/w ... -game.html