Waratte Iitomo final episode special - 31st of March

If you guys didn’t know already, Waratte Iitomo, hosted by Tamori, is ending after 32 years. Therefore, a special broadcast will take place on the 31st of March and will feature the regulars that have appeared over the years of the program. Downtown themselves, having been once regular members at one point, are probably going to attend.



This chunk of the article pretty much says that it will be a live broadcast from the studio. I think ‘32年の歴史に幕を下ろすことが28日’ means that the 32 years of history, or looking back at it will start on the 28th of March, which would be the last Friday of the month, though I am not particularly sure whether my translation is correct.

Nevertheless, sure to be a load of tears and guests coming about when the 31st approaches.

Perhaps the format will be something like this?
I found this vid on yt, from a previous year’s FNS 27hr tv special, where Downtown appeared as guest. This is the waratte ii tomo part, and a vtr was shown of some of Downtown’s time on waratte ii tomo