water bike

found this on japanprobe.com

forgot to add, you’ll find one of the Gaki no Tsukai member in this contest.

sorry, dont know how to make the video show up in the thread.


Yama-chan and Okamura cleared the game!


thanks for sharing johnxy…

no problem

yeah, the sempai and kohai finish was pretty cool.

who’s senpai? okamura or yama chan?

Yamasaki is 2years sempai

in term of the show biz…i think 99 started first b4 yama chan…

Personally I’d say so too, I’m not sure so I’m going by what it says on wikipedia. Yamasaki 1988, NaiNai 1990.

if i remember,… okamura falls off the bike, but ends up running to the finish line.