Suiyobi no Downtown
[hide:ozsz1zb0]水曜日のダウンタウン VTR出演数ランキング!yYMx0aCA

[attachment=0:ozsz1zb0]WEDNESDAY DOWNTOWN[/attachment:ozsz1zb0][/hide:ozsz1zb0]

omg I didn’t know [spoiler:2fnnzpf2]Komiya[/spoiler:2fnnzpf2] showed up on Wednesday Downtown so much… That’s a lot of content I missed over the years before I started watching this show over summer… Which date was the [spoiler:2fnnzpf2]rhythm batsu[/spoiler:2fnnzpf2] from? That looks fun… Actually all of them look funny so I will have to go dig them up. [spoiler:2fnnzpf2]They even made a [url=]list[/url:2fnnzpf2] for me.[/spoiler:2fnnzpf2]

He fell asleep on the bus LMAO THAT’S SO CUTE