Suiyobi no Downtown

  1. 「ベッドの中に人がいる」が 結局 一番怖い説
  2. トリオ芸人 1人抜けてポンコツと2人きりになったら そいつとはコンビ続けない説
  3. 身長150センチ以下で体重100キロ超えの豆タンク 探せば そこそこいる説!6YEyDLhT

[attachment=0:3n0wf4sk]WEDNESDAY DOWNTOWN[/attachment:3n0wf4sk][/hide:3n0wf4sk]

I LOVE how Panther’s Ogata after the bed-scare and telling staff that was the scariest thing yells at the guy in the bed, "Can you quit it with that character you’re playing already!!"

Poor Amako Inter’s Seiko! I felt really bad for her even though the reaction was funny. So she’s never been pranked on Weds before huh… what a surprise…

I’m in tears over the trio comedians part with Jungle Pocket when they ask Ota if he’d continue on as a combi with Otake and he REALLY thinks hard over that to the point where "pin (solo)" escapes under his breath. God, that was so funny. They keep asking Ota over and over, "will ya do it with Otake?" and Ota switches between "me and Otake? Huh… I mean Otake is trying hard but… That’s impossible… but solo is also impossible… me and Otake??"

After the prank is revealed,

[spoiler:z4kyu6up]Otake: Is there really nothing between us??
Ota: This freaking sucks
Otake: hey, I'm the one who's hurt the most here
Ota: the one who's hurt the most here isn't you!!
You're whatever!![/spoiler:z4kyu6up]

Next week’s looks great too! Looking forward to that!

This is complete footage when staff questioned Kurochan about his untruthful tweets. :D