Suiyobi no Downtown

  1. 芸人が今までで一番面白かった瞬間は誰が見ても面白い説
  2. 結構な岩兵衛 存在する説
  3. 大人が本気出せば 雪だけ踏んで本州最北端から東京まで戻ってこれる説!SR12UZ7B

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Comedians sharing videos they think is funny - Daigo’s commentary is so much like Nobu’s tsukkomi.
"why did you high five? All zeroes"
"WHY ARE HIGH FIVING? He got no points."
"I laugh every time I watch this." BUT HE WASN’T LAUGHING.

I’m in tears over Kumadansashi(?)'s comment about the young Hanamaru Daikichi’s boke/tsukkomi being so bad.
"He was asked, ‘what’s your dream?’ ‘to be the pirate king’ that’s not a good boke at all!!"