Rebroadcast version of "2017.12.27" (with new title sequence).
[hide:mqh6s9qs]クロちゃん ツイッター企画 第2弾 フーチャー クロちゃん (2017.12.27 の再放送)

[img:mqh6s9qs][/img:mqh6s9qs][attachment=0:mqh6s9qs]WEDNESDAY DOWNTOWN[/attachment:mqh6s9qs][/hide:mqh6s9qs]

Note: 2017.12.27 was two hour SP
this rebroadcast is Kuro-chan’s part only

Hey, could you give a rundown of what this show was all about? There was some freaky stuff going on lol

The ending was also hilarious lmao you wouldn’t come across a twist like THAT in the west lmao