Hello and welcome to the Downtown Gaki no Tsukai fanpage.

Please take a look around and enjoy all your favorite Gaki no Tsukai and Downtown videos & subtitles. Please feel free to post any videos you may find as well as any subtitles you find, and/or are working on. Try to keep the forum neat and keep it friendly and fun.


nice site for all the downtown fan out there

pretty much amazing site u guys have :)

finally, they start to realize that Gaki No Tsukai has a huuuge fanbase all over the world, not only in nippon

i wish they would realize that… The sad thing is they don’t. Thats why we need fan subbers.

Nice site you have here, a place where all gaki fan can come to. :)

well, this is the point, where we should show the fanbase. What about sending them an E-Mail or Letter, in Japanese and English, to tell them, that there are many many many Gaki No Tsukai Fans all over the world?

it would be neat to send them a letter but we wouldn’t really want to tell them about a site that we are making their videos available free on. :-p

The right owners sure won’t understand but we/you/one could mail the staff ;)

I would love if they did subbing for Gaki; I could actually go out and buy their many years of entertainment!

But for now we’ll rely on you guys’ hard work.

Wow great site! Thank you so much for making it!

It would be cool if they would sub the DVDs :]

Nice website :D

This is truly awesome. I would never have though we would have almost 400 members in a week. I knew it would get big, but I never though it would grow so fast.

Thank you so much for making this site!!!

This Page = Big Sucess :DUUUFFFOOOOO:D

Thank you, finally a site who gives us the chance to get what we want. i guess i talk for everyone thats this will make it for us easier to find & and watch GNT without giving us the stress to search endless for subs,vids and other info.

finally, a site like this exist.

This is great. Thanks for bringing us all the goodness!

Amazing site, finally a place for Gaki fans :D

Thanks for creating this and everyone who contributes(especially subbers ;) ).
I’ll try and do my part!

best site i`ve ever seen. i love gaki no tsukai.
10000times better than youtube. and thanks for your great and wonderful work :)